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Terms of use

Article 1 (Purpose)

PUKKADOLL Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) are provided by PUKKADOLL Love Doll Mail Order (hereinafter harmony the robot referred to as the “Company”) to the Company's policyholders (“Contractors”)” We have stipulated the handling of “PU life sizesex dolls KKADOLL” (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”).

Article 2 (Registration of Use of the Service)

1. The Subscriber may apply for the use of the Service in accordance with the r sec dolls egistration procedure prescribed by the Company.

2. When the Company acknowledges the use, registration of use will be completed upon notification to the contractor. (The following subsc doll love ribers registered for use are referre female torso sex doll doll x review d to as “users”). In addition, if any of the following items ap torso sex toy ply, the Company may not register for use.

(1) When the Contractor has reported false content i virtual pc sex n the registration procedure or other

(2) When the Company determines that it is ineligible as a user

3. Even after the registration is completed, the Company may request additional information to the user if it determines that there is a reasonable reason.

Article 3 (ID and Password)

1. The email address specified by the user (hereinafter referred to as the “e-mail address”) is the login ID (hereinafter referred to as the “ID”). In addition, the user sets a password that meets online sex simulator free the prescribed requirements.

2. Users are strictly managing their IDs and passwords at their own risk and cannot be transferred to or lent to third parties.

3. All use of the Service made using the user's ID and password will be treated as performed adult toys dolls by the user himself/herself.

4. If you recognize that the Service may be used by others, you will imm robot sex doll video ediately notify the Company. The Company receives such notice and will suspend or cancel the provision of the black male blow up doll Service.

5. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by the knowledge of the user's ID and password to others.

Article 4 (Use of the Service)

1. The Company lists the functions available in the Service. In addition, the scope of use o adult size sex dolls f the Service related to underage contractors is limited.

2. The display of the intention of the user in relation to the use of the Service will be effective after t doll lovers images he Company has accepted the notice of intention.

Article 5 (Notification to Users)

1. Notifications to users related to this service will be action figure sex sent to the user's email address. However, notice may be made by mail or other methods female torso sex doll look dolls full body deemed appropriate by the Company.

2. The user's intention to use this service will take effect from the date of reception indicated in the notification o sexbots feminism f acceptance completion from the Company.

3. If the notice described in the preceding paragraph is not received, torso sex doll the user will promptly contact the Company to that effect.

4. If the notice in Paragraph 2 is not received, the user's intention indication will be invalid unless the user is contacted by the preceding paragraph.

5. If the notice described in paragraph 2 is not delivered due to reasons other than the life like dolls for sale Company's responsibility, such as the female torso sex doll dolls robots reception settings of the user, the Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by this.

Article 6 (Change of Registration Information)

1. If there is a change in the registered information, the user shall promptly carry out cheap female torso sex dollistic love dolls the change procedures prescribed by the Company.

2. Changes in the preceding paragraph will be effective from the completion of the Company's procedures, female dolls for men and the Company will notify the user to that effect.

3. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by using or inability to use the female torso sex dolldoll configurator Service prior to the completion of the notice set forth in the preceding paragraph.

Article 7 (Provision of Information)

The Company will provide various information services to users by sending to e-mail addresses and other tpe doll cleaning methods prescribed by the Company.

Article 8 (Copyright, etc.)

The texts, images, and other copyrighted materials that constitute the Service belong to the Company or thi women dolls for men rd parties granting the use of the Company, and the User shall use them within the scope of use of the Service.

Article 9 (Prohibited Acts, etc.)

The User shall not engage in any of the following acts.

(1) Any act that uses false facts or acts that can be made to others when using the Service

(2) Any act of using ID/password il robot sex stories legally

(3) Acts that inhibit the normal operation of the system, network, or other services

(4) The act of using the Service for a purpose dif female torso sex doll look dolls lovers review ferent from its original purpose

(5) Acts that are contrary to laws or public order and morals

(6) Any other act that the Company deems inappropriate

Article 10 (Modification, Interruption, and Abolition of the Service)

1. The Company may chang ai sex dolls e, suspend or abolish the cont aa doll ents of the Service at the convenience of the Company.

2. The Company may suspend the provision of the Service when performing maintenance and inspection of equipment necessary for the provision of the Service, or if it becomes difficult t small female torso sex doll doll o provide the Service due to natural disaster free sex simulator iphone s, power outages, interruption of communication, etc.

3. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred to the User due to the preceding paragraph.

Article 11 (Suspension of Use and Cancellation of Use Registration)

The Company may suspend th best love doll e use of the Service or cancel the use of the Service if the User is no longer a Subscriber of the Company or if it violates th sexsimulator safe e Terms of Use, or if the Company determines that female torso sex doll doll comprar there is a reasonable reason.

Article 12 (Revision of the Terms of Use)

1. When revising these Terms of Use, the Company will publish its contents and revision date in advance on the Comp silicon girl price any's website.

2. After revising these Terms of Use, the User shall be deemed to have agreed to the revision by using synthetic dolls life size the Service.

Article 13 (Disclaimer of the Company)

The Company shall en sexbotz deavor to maintain the accuracy of the contents and information of the Service and implemen android sex doll t reasonable security measures. However, due to the nature of Internet communication, the integrity and usefulness of the contents and information shall not be guaranteed. We do not ta full body sex toys ke responsibility either.

Article 14 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

1. These Terms are governed by the laws of Japan.

2. The Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance for any dispute related to the Service.

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