132cm Saai Takahama “Takahama Saaya” Cute Sex Doll Small Tits TPE Doll Irontech Doll


112,000 yen Tax incl

After the order is settled, it can be delivered around 15 days.
Due to the effects of the new corona, traffic, natural disasters, etc., the delivery of goods may be delayed.

Body size:
Height: 132cm, Bust: 57cm, Underbust: 51cm, Waist: 50cm, Hip sex doll review : 65cm, Weight: 20.5kg, Shoulder width: 28cm, foot size: 19cm, packing size: 122*39*26cm

Product Features:
★ We will contact you by email back after purchase to confirm your options.
I will give you 3 kinds of wigs. You can easily change the makeover every day.
If you need self-supporting proce full female torso sex doll look dolls sex doll ssing and pubic hair, we can provide it free of charge.
★ The following options are provided as standard equipment. It&# online sex doll 39;s all free.
① New Skeleton
② Super Soft Hollow Boobs
③ Gaze Movement & Knuckle Movable
★ Products from IronTech Doll, a famous manufacturer in the world's TPE Love Doll industry. 100% guarantee the same quality as the picture.
Made from USA TPE raw materials. It is safe and durable, soft and its elasticity is the human skin itse female torso sex doll male dolls lf.
Adopting a high-quality new skeleton developed the love robots in-house, the range of motion is wider than normal skeletons, and the expression of posing is greatly expanded.

gloves*1, masturbator cleaning tool x 1, wig x 1, heater rod x 1, wig comb x 1, sexy outfit x 1

Packaging &
Shipping: Please feel free to contact us for your request for photos before shipping.
We can respond to delivery time and Sagawa office cl female torso sex doll doll sexy osure.
Strict and meticulously packed
The appearance at the time of packing is a vertical reinforced cardboard, and the inside is double-p love dolls acked using polystyrene foam.

skin color

eye color


Hand color

Color of foot valgus

Areola size

Areola color


pubic hair required

Self-standing function

Select “Same as photo” if you would like to customize the same as the photo.



Self-standing function


Product photos

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