100cm Iris TPE Lolly Sex Doll, Baby Face, Big Tits, Cute Doll, Piper Doll, Head and Body

109,800 yen tax included

It can be delivered around 15 days after the order has been settled.
Due to the effects of the love doll demo new corona, traffic, natu future sexbots ral disasters, etc., the delivery of goods may be delayed.

Body Size:
Height: 100cm F-Cup, Weight: 15KG, Shoulder Width: 26cm, Bust: 64cm, Underbust: 41cm, Waist: 39cm, hip: 62cm, foot size: 16cm, Vagina depth: 17cm, Anal depth: 16cm, oral depth: 12cm, packing rubber tpe size: 108x34x24cm 17.2KG

Product Features:
The first in the history of th female torso sex doll looking love dolls e love doll industry! SEAMLESS BODY! Piper Doll is a brand newly sex emulator ios launched by artist and founder Mizuwa sexual robots for sale li. It is the first ever head-to-body love doll that female torso sex dollizes an integral head and body in the industry. Looking up on the face from below, you will no japanese sex online t see seams from the neck to the head.
★ EVO Skeleton
Key Features of EVO Skeleton ① female torso sex dollistic sex doll video Seiza can be seated ② Can sit for girls ③ Can move up and down shou synthetic dolls life size lders ④ from waist to top left and right Movable. Compared to normal skeleto female torso sex dolldoll shop ns, the range of motion is very wide and you can enjoy a variety of poses. Legs open 180 degrees, M-shaped open legs, bbw love dolls physical education sitting, bending finger anime sex toy tips to make pieces, etc. ・Joints allow for a variety of poses in the same way as humans. The EVO skeleton adopted in our shop has gained g boobs for sale reat popularity from many custome male dolls for women rs.
★ Premium and safe TPE new material
PiperDoll material provides premium elast doll se omer to enhance the texture of the love doll We are adopting it. It is softer than ordinary elastomer materials that are softer and softer enough for those doll tits who are captivated by its elasticity. Compared to silicon adopted by dom life size female torso sex dollistic sex doll estic manufacturers, the flexibility is very soft and feels close to human skin. In ad little mini dolls dition, since the elasticity is v download sex emulator android ery stretchy, the moving part is wide and it is possible to operate close to humans such as Banzai, which co ai robots for adults uld not be done with silicon.

gloves*1, masturbator cleaning tool x 1, wig x 1, heater rod x 1, wig comb x 1, sexy outfit x 1

Packaging &
Shipping: Please feel free to contact us for your request for photos before shipping.
We can respond to delivery time and Sagawa office closure.
Strict and meticulous packaging
The appearance at the time of packing is a vertical reinforced cardboard, and the inside is double-packed usi lifelike male sex dolls ng polystyrene foam.

skin color

eye color


lip color

Hand color

Color of foot valgus

Areola size

Areola color


pubic hair required

Self-reliance function

Select “Same as photo” if you would like to customize the same as the photo.



Self-reliance function


Product photos

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